Community Partnerships

BSOMA serves schools and organizations through groundbreaking community partnerships in Arts Education. We offer programming services in Dance, Drama, Music & Visual Art.

Read these alarming statistics:

  • According to a survey released by Perpich Center for Arts Education in 2012, only 28 percent of MN elementary schools offer all of the required arts, drama, music and dance disciplines.
  • There has been a 49 percent decrease in underserved youth’s participation in the arts since 1982. There has only been a one percent decrease among the rest of the general population.

BSOMA seeks to partner with schools and organizations that want to bring about change and increased arts access in their communities.

A community partnership with BSOMA is a mutually beneficial relationship. We create innovative programs tailored to fit the resources and individual needs of each client. Curriculum is customized to the unique culture of each partnership setting. Ongoing assessment and evaluation help ensure quality, consistency and sustainability.

At BSOMA, we believe arts education promotes academic, social, and artistic growth. We partner with organizations that share our core values. The combined resources of BSOMA and a strong partnership school or organization are extremely powerful. Find out more today!

To learn more about creating a partnership for your school or organization, please contact David Billingsley, Executive Director at (612) 643-0447 or via email at: