Our staff is the heart of BSOMA. We teach creatively, with passion, vigor & enthusiasm. The retention & success of each child lies within the creative, loving, nurturing & motivating fabric of our staff & teachers.

BSOMA Leadership Team
Susan Campion (Co-Founder of Giant Steps & Camponovo Consulting)

Gary Hines (Founder, Sounds of Blackness)

Larry Davis (St. Thomas Accounting Professor)

Molly Stafford (Business Consultant)

Brandon Commodore (Business Consultant)

DAVID BILLINGSLEY | Executive Director

David Billingsley is a native of Racine, Wisconsin and has lived in Minneapolis, MN since 2007. Since 2007, David has spent most of his time performing and in music classrooms teaching kids of various socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. Billingsley has served as Dean of Student Affairs & Music Teacher at LoveWorks Academy and K-5 Music Teacher at Minnehaha Academy. He is also an amazing pianist and has toured nationally and internationally with noted artists like: Robert Robinson, The Sounds of Blackness, and many others. David serves as Worship Pastor at Speak The Word International Church and is also the co-founder of the band #MPLS.

David received his Bachelor of Arts in Music at The University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire and is currently completing a Masters in Music Education at the University of St. Thomas where he’s earned Cum Laude honors. His rich arts background and community collaborations have led him to a number of community leadership opportunities.

To contact David, Email him at: