BSOMA Launch Party Recap
December 07, 2013

The BSOMA Launch Party Recap

We had an AMAZING launch party. Not only did we raise the public’s awareness about the lack of arts access for underserved youth, but we also sold merchandise, garnered volunteer support and even raised over $2,350.00 to help us open the school in October of 2014. 

Our cause is so critical that even US Senator Al Franken has endorsed us.

Launch Party Photo Recap

BSOMA Launch Party Recap

The launch party was filled to capacity with a diverse and eclectic blend of people from all walks of life. The energy in the room was electric and contagious. We had a launch countdown celebration, arts access stories, improv theater performances, dance numbers, live interpretive art, remarks by David Billingsley, life changing singing by Robert Robinson, and cupcakes and bottled water to celebrate David Billingsley’s 29th Golden Birthday.

Check back often as we will be releasing video footage from the launch party in the next few days.

We need your help to open the doors of BSOMA in October. Click the blue “make a donation” tab above to help us realize the goal of BSOMA in October 2014. Your donation is tax deductible.

Happy Holidays!


The BSOMA Team